Andhra Govt to allow the registration of Assigned lands.

Posted by on November 3, 2016
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AMARAVATI: The state government is seriously contemplating to put an end to the decades long controversy over the registration of lands in the prohibitory book. Realizing that majority of the civil disputes are pertaining to the land survey numbers that were placed in the prohibitory book as Assigned lands, the state government has decided to prune the lists and allow the registration of such lands. The government will amend the existing registration laws to enable the registration of legally owned title deeds shortly.

“We are inching towards finding a solution to the vexed issue of registration of Assigned lands. We are readying a report to be tabled before the next cabinet meeting. We will go for bringing a new legislation after getting the cabinet nod,” confirmed deputy chief minister K E Krishna Murthy, who holds the revenue portfolio. Krishna Murthy held a brainstorming session with the senior officials in the department at secretariat in Velagapudi on Tuesday. He said that they were working out various options to allow the registration of Assigned lands through the new legislation.

Existing rules deny registration of assigned lands

As per the existing rules, the registration department is refusing to allow the transfer of certain ‘title deeds’ despite under enjoyment for decades on the ground that the specific survey numbers have been placed in prohibitory lands register. According to unofficial sources over one crore acres of land has been wrangling with civil disputes only due to the presence of such survey numbers in the prohibitory book. The registration department as the section 22-A of the registration Act would not take up registration process of those lands that figure in prohibitory book, commonly known as dotted book. All the lands that found with the dots in the prohibitory book are considered as government lands. Lakhs of farmers have been finding it difficult in transferring the title deeds to their children or relatives or even to those who purchase the lands from them due to the erroneous entries in the registration books.

Officials admit that lakhs of acres of government lands have changed hands over the decades and the owners possessed documents. In fact, thousands of litigation’s were pending in various courts including the high courts challenging the registration department decision to deny the registrations despite having legal title deeds. Interestingly, the high court has delivered several land mark judgments to settle the unrest over the issue but the failure of the revenue department to prune its records is continue to pose troubles to the commoners. “We needed to be cautious while framing the rules under new law. Although there is no doubt that allowing the transfer of title deed helps many commoners, we should also see that it should not help the illegal elements to usurp the original government lands by creating fake title deeds,” observed a senior revenue official.

Meanwhile, revenue minister said that they would conduct mandal level land adalat to settle the grievances of commoners soon after completion of praja sadhikara survey. He said that they have also decided to empower revenue divisional officers to take certain decision of land acquisition. He said that they would start implementing e-office in revenue department from November, 10. “We are digitizing nearly 49 lakh field measurement books under national land records digitization programme,” said Krishna Murthy. He said that they were also contemplating to make field survey mandatory before each and every registration to avoid legal complications and duplication of registrations.

Source: Times of india
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