Venkatapalem village farmers get their plots through lottery.

Posted by on December 31, 2016
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Venkatapalem village lottery final layout
Amaravati: CRDA officials on Saturday distributed reconstituted plots to farmers who parted with their lands under the Land Pooling System (LPS), at Venkatapalem village in Amaravati capital region. Plots were distributed among farmers in both residential and commercial categories in that village.

The plot allotment for the land donors of Venkatapalem village was held on the 31st of December at the CRDA office in Tulluru in the presence of local MLA Sri Tenali Sravan Kumar, CRDA Commissioner Dr Sreedhar Cherukuri and the JC of Guntur Ms Kritika Shukla. In Venkatapalem village MLA Sri Sravan Kumar has conducted the trail run and final run of the lottery and allotted the residential plots. Lottery for the commercial plots in both the villages was conducted by Dr Sreedhar Cherukuri, Commissioner CRDA .

The MLA, CRDA Commissioner and the JC Guntur have assured the farmers that their views would be taken into account and the same would be presented to the CM. The farmers were assured that justice would be done to each and every farmer. Within seconds, farmers got SMS alerts on their mobile phones mentioning the location of their plot. The farmers were also given the documents of their plots at the counters set up on the same premises.

In Final LPS Layout handouts, farmers of the Venkatapalem village got 799 residential plots and 577 commercial plots.

Details of Residential plots in Venkatapalem Village:
Category # of plots
A 107
B 296
C 703
D 159
E 10
V 86
Details of Commercial plots in Venkatapalem Village:
Category # of plots
G 52
H 310
I 200
J 124
K 258
L 43
M 7

Within three months more plot development work including geo-positioning would be taken up to enable the farmers to start construction work. With regard to the allotment of plots to other villagers in the capital region, they are still in the process of developing layouts.