50% of core capital to be accessible to the public.

Posted by Avenue.in on April 25, 2017
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Foster + Partners Master plan Amaravati 3 core capital
Amaravati: All the steps will be taken to ensure that Amaravati, which is being projected as the Praja Rajadhani (people’s capital), lives up to its name are in place. The draft master plan has indicated that at least 50 percent of the core capital is accessible to the public. Out of the 918 acres of the core capital region, only 42 percent is marked for government complexes, roads and other infrastructure.

According to CRDA officials these designs are arguably the best in terms of public accessibility when compared to new capitals built in india like Naya Raipur and are on par with global capitals like Astana, Washington DC and others.

It may be recalled that master architect Foster + Partners were given the task of designing the plan for core capital in 918 acres in which major government complexes including legislative assembly, secretariat, government housing and others will be present. Later the government also asked the master architect to design plans for another 440 acres of Administrative City, which is adjacent to the core capital.

“The designs being prepared by F+P will be for an area of 7 sq.Km. The area is divided into seven blocks of approximately 1 Sq.Km. The master architect is designing these seven blocks, which will be on par with global standards” said CRDA commissioner Cherukuri Sreedhar. He further said that most of the capital region will be accessible for the public.

Of the 918 acres, government complexes will come up in 247 acres(26.9 %) and public spaces with green and blue concept will be in 315 acres (34.4 %). ” Then, there will be mixed use category in which private commercial and residential structures will be constructed. This will be in 212 acres. In the remaining 144 acres, roads and other infrastructure will be readied.” a senior official involved in the process added.

While the core capital will be coming up in and around Rayapudi Village, it’s master plan is planned in such a way that the 125 ft BR Ambedkar statue will become the guiding force, the officials said.

The Ambedkar statue will be located on one end of the 7 Sq.Km region between Inavolu and Sakhamuru. Our idea is to have the statue as the force guiding the capital.

Source: Times of India
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