Amaravati Iconic bridge from Uddanadarayuni palem to Pavithra sangamam.

Posted by on August 22, 2017
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Amaravati: The Iconic bridge as the name suggests, connects both banks of Krishna River from Amaravati Startup area (Uddandarayuni palem) to Pavithra sangamam and is intended to give identity to the capital city entrance. Unlike many other bridges, the iconic bridge of Amaravati capital city is intended to be aesthetically pleasant to all its users. Function of the bridge is to facilitate commuters, crossing the krishna river and providing the connection across both banks of Krishna River.

At the same time, the journey across the vast riverbed and entrance to the upcoming capital city of Andhra Pradesh has to be very pleasant and heart-warming. The bridge will be seen as welcoming and ceremonial journey to the capital city. Kuchipudi is an ancient dance form, which has originated from Andhra Pradesh. The designs of the iconic bridge is drawn from this dance and its mudras. Designs are yet to be approved by CM Naidu.

The location of the proposed bridge is shown below:
Amaravati Iconic bridge location pavithra sangamam uddandarayuni palem

The style of the Iconic bridge will reflect the glory and rich cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh. This bridge may be understood as re-positioning of historic sense of aesthetic and culture in the entrance of ultra-modern and aspirational capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The overall shape and proposition of the bridge is designed keeping in mind of Vehicle commuters, Pedestrians, commuters in the river. Pedestrians will be able to stop and enjoy the beauty of the river flowing underneath and the general nature surrounding and the views of the capital city.

Amaravati Iconic bridge will be a cable supported Bridge that reflects culture and prominence of Andhra Pradesh in the structural configuration (along with high tension-ed cable stay supports) of the Bridge. Culture and prominence of Andhra Pradesh shall be reflected through aesthetic view of Pylons or the suitable deck supported arrangements.

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