Demand for returnable plots in Amaravati area.

Posted by on December 11, 2017
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Amaravati: The demand for returnable plots in the new capital Amaravati is on the rise. Earlier the public used to purchase land in acres but the trend has changed for both residential and commercial plots with the starting of “returnable land pooling plots” development. People from all over AP and other states too are coming to Amaravati to purchase returnable residential and commercial plots. The price ranges from Rs 12,000 to Rs 26,000 per square yard for residential and Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 for commercial plots depending upon the areas selected in Amaravati.

The construction of Amaravati seed access road and arterial roads have been started and are being completed with alacrity. APCRDA had collected 33,000 acres of land from 23,903 farmers in the villages of Amaravati Capital Region for the formation of the new capital Amaravati. APCRDA is offering 58,888 commercial, residential and villa plots in return under Land Pooling Scheme.

APCRDA has proposed LPS layouts in 13 zones of Amaravati offering returnable LPS plots and have started land development work in earnest. The APCRDA will register the returnable plots to the LPS farmers enabling them to sell those plots to others. Earlier the LPS farmers were skeptical about the development of returnable plots and showed their reluctance towards registration. As such only 350 plots were registered. But things changed later and 3,335 returnable plots were registered till date.

Earlier the buyer had to purchase land in acres or cents from LPS farmers so only the wealthy class were able to afford the lands. He said that now the situation had changed due to returnable plots of LPS layouts so now the public can purchase large, big, medium and small plots according to their choice and this is beneficial to Amaravati farmers.

Returnable plots on Jareebu land were in good demand in Rayapudi, Venkatapalem, Mandadam, Uddandarayunipalem and Lingayapalem and were being offered at the rate of Rs 20,000 to Rs 26,000 per square yard price.

Not only the wealthy but all classes of society would live in Amaravati in the future due to availability of returnable plots in various measurements. APCRDA Commissioner Mr. Sreedhar said that development of LPS layouts had started and world class basic amenities would be provided to these layouts.

Below charts gives an idea of the buyer sentiment in month of November. It gives information of total no of plots allocated to the farmers (% with all villages) and registrations done in last month in that village (% with all villages).

Source: The Hans India,