Singapore firm to develop AR-based game for Amaravati.

Posted by on February 16, 2019
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metaverse amaravati game
Amaravati: To make life easier at the capital city Amaravati in all walks of life through virtual reality game, a proposal to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) based mobile application as a pilot project at the government complex is under consideration.

Singapore-based firm Metaverse Systems has been developing the concept of MetaverseCreator, a business model reengineering methodology for the real estate sector.

It is a gamified real estate master planning platform that encourages citizens engagement in city to make life easier.

Aravind Vasu, CEO of Metaverse Systems, Singapore-based Millet Holdings Group company explained that all the physical objectives in the city will be gamified and will be made available on a mobile Application.

This mobile App will allow citizen engagement, he added, in an interview with this correspondent here at Vijayawada.

He said that they will digitize the existing infrastructure in the city, through their technology.

Then they will make it as a 3D mesh. Based on the 3D mesh, the entire structures and objectives, even small physical things including government complexes, private buildings, streets, parks and everything will be converted into game objects.

Through these game objects, the game will be prepared which can be played on both mobiles and computers.

Multiple games will be prepared in this process. Various games for various purposes to serve different sections of people, he explained.

Further, he explained that, in the game itself, while visiting the physical objects through Augmented Reality, the digital tokens can be obtained well in advance.

Before reaching the venue, people could visit virtually and take appointments through the digital tokens, he informed.

Aravind informed that at present the AP CRDA commissioner Ch Sreedhar suggested a project for them to do.

He added that they will meet with the officials to clarify and finalise the project to be introduced in Amaravati.

In fact, they entered a Memorandum of Understanding with the CRDA in 2018 and now participating at the Happy Cities Summit in Vijayawada.

Source: Hansindia