What we do?

At Avenue.in we dig, search and explore the best property options for property seekers like you. In short we are your digital realtors who provide end to end property solutions right from spotting a lucrative property investment option to getting it registered with authentication.

We are starting operations in Amaravati, an potential realty hub in Andhra Pradesh. To know more, browse through a myriad of property options on this platform annexed with informative videos, photos and quick snippets about the property, its neighborhood and vicinity.


How we do?

Searching and deciding upon a property for investment is a lengthy and tedious process. At Avenue.in, the process that makes a property into your investment is just 3 steps away.

All you have to do is contact us as soon as you like a property by filling some basic details on Contact Us form.

We will assign an advisor to you who will guide you through every step of the process


Identify property- We study your requirement and your assigned advisor will arrange site visits to relevant properties that match your requirement.


Negotiate price- Yes, we also engage our advisor in negotiating prices so that you are entitled to the right price.


Registration – To authenticate the transaction our advisor will ensure completion of the registration process and deliver the documents to your home.

The process ends. Are you surprised at how simple and transparent the process is? Avenue.in is your realty solution.


Why Us?

Avenue.in specializes in identifying, choosing and bringing forth elegant property options which suit elite needs and fit their comfort zones. We go through a meticulous process which involves verifying the developer, ROI potential of the selected property and its appropriate price before listing it on the directory of Avenue.in.

Avenue.in does not overlook the malpractices involved in these transactions. We ensure that we certify a clean chit to the individual agents we employ. We hire advisors who know the reality in the realty market and have sound experience about the local markets. We believe in integrity and hence work with advisors who would make genuine property recommendations. This supports us to gain more and more customer support and hence build an edifice of trust and pure prosperity.

Trust is important but blind faith is perilous.

We recommend that investors in any sphere need to be wary of the choices they make and the process they choose. By making quick decisions without thorough investigation would leave you in an unpleasant situation.

Our investment advice

  • Do not invest half-blind
  • Check your property physically and on paper
  • Investigate the authenticity in and around the premises
  • Talk to local experts and check documents before you invest
  • Engage with your best organized partner, Avenue.in